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Mini-Enrichment Courses: STEP offers courses in science and mathematics which expand upon and enhance students' educational experiences and develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Examples of mini-courses are SAT Review and Regents Review classes.

Saturday Workshops: On Saturday mornings, STEP provides hands-on activities, presentations, and experiments which actively engage students in the study of the sciences.

Tutorials: STEP provides students with regular assistance in school work on a group and on an individual basis.

SAT Review: STEP provides students, Fall and Spring semester, with a thorough program in verbal and mathematics. A comprehensive review is also given twice a year during a Saturday Workshop

Regents Review: A complete regents review in mathematics and science is provided.

Counseling & Needs Assessment: STEP offers academic and career counseling services, as well as evaluation of student strengths and needs.

Engineering Technology Projects

Field Trips: To reinforce learning and interest in scientific areas and to explore academic and career options, day and overnight field trips are taken to such sites as museums, science centers, and major universities.

Cultural Activities: STEP provides trips to plays, dance productions, and other cultural events, to enhance the students' appreciation of these aspects of culture, especially in the areas relative to their heritage.

Summer Academic Camp: STEP offers a more intensive exploration of mathematics and the sciences during its Summer Academic Camp. The camp utilizes indoor laboratories to explore such areas as earth science, bio-chemistry, mathematics, engineering technology, and individual research.

STEPAC: The STEP Parent Advisory Council is the organization consisting of the parents / guardians of the students in the STEP Program. STEPAC advocates for the delivery of quality programs for students in STEP. STEPAC promotes the education of the STEP students by various activities such as: public relations, student cultural and enrichment activities, chaperone field trips and organize parent forums.












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