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Summer Academic Camp

STEP offers a more intensive exploration of mathematics and the sciences during its Summer Academic Camp, which utilizes indoor laboratories to explore such areas as biochemistry, mathematics, engineering technology and outdoor exploration of the environment to illustrate more fully students' relationship to the world around them. 50 students are chosen for the summer academic camp. The students are chosen based upon their academic record and attendance during the previous school year. A new application must be filled out and returned by the June 15 deadline.

Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. On Fridays field trips by bus are scheduled to museums, science centers, Playland, or Historical landmarks and tours etc. Students arrive daily by train on the Metro North Railroad.

At the end of the intensive four weeks of the summer academic camp, academic evaluations are sent home to parents for all of the students. A dinner is held in honor of the great work that was achieved by these students. Students present their projects at the dinner and receive their recognition and awards. All parents and / or relatives are encouraged to attend this function in support of their children.

A two to three day field trip sponsored by the parents and the STEP program is scheduled at the end of the summer academic camp. The field trips always include visits to a college and historical tours in the cities where these colleges are located. Previous trips have been to Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Plattsburg / Montreal, Buffalo / Toronto and Baltimore.

Examples of the Summer Courses:

  • Algebra Course I and the Math A assessment
  • Integrated Math Skills and Problem Solving with graphing calculator
  • Pre-Calculus / Calculus
  • Earth Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Ecology of the Hudson River
  • Physics
  • Verbal Reasoning

College credit for juniors and seniors:
STEP offers an opportunity to earn three (3) college credits at Mercy College. Students entering their junior or senior year by September in the upcoming school year are eligible to take these courses. Students spend 45 hours in the four week intensive program to receive credit for their courses. Such courses as Nutrition and Human Anatomy and Physiology are just two examples of what is offered during the Summer Academic Camp.

Examples of the Workshops offered:

Ecology of the Hudson River:
Middle school students participate in this course, spending a full day each week exploring and studying the inhabitants of the river in the Mercy College boat.

Computer Technology Course:
High school freshmen and sophomores are engaged in the actual assembly of a computer. Students learn to format a hard drive and install sound cards, memory, video cards, fax modems and the software that makes them work. Application software, such as Microsoft Office 2000, is then installed during the four week summer camp.

Engineering Exploration Project:
Students explore the engineering sciences by creating a product from a list of items with certain specifications. When the product is finished, there is a competition among the participants. Team work is encouraged. Previous projects include a mechanical car, a movable toy, and mathematical games.

American Cultural Experience:
Students explore their heritage as well the heritage of other ethic groups that have immigrated to the United States.

The Lexical Semanticist Session:
All students attending the summer academic camp attend this SAT vocabulary session. Students are given 20 words with definitions daily. Each morning there is a test on 10 of the vocabulary words. Students are expected to be able to show proficiency in sentence completions, analogies and comprehension with the usage of these words.













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